At Selcourt Primary we believe that a healthy mind and a fit body contribute greatly in shaping the future of a child.  Chess is extremely helpful in brain development, particularly when it is played regularly from a very early age.  Playing the game of Chess on a regular basis from an early age improves the learning, thinking, analytical power, and decision-making ability of the child.  It also helps in improving concentration and academic performance of the child.  On a whole, playing the game of chess is an important tool for transforming a child into a responsible, disciplined, and wise human being. 

With this in mind we encourage our learners to take part in Chess.  We have a junior and senior team comprising of learners from Grade 4 to 7.  Our school takes part in the annual tournament at Colin Mann. We have done extremely well in the past, receiving prizes.  In the third term we play in a league against other local schools in the area.  We are very proud of our Chess team.

Coaches are Mrs Bosman and Mrs Wolmarans.
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