Selcourt Primary through the years...

On 14th January 1959, Selcourt Primary opened its doors to 433 pupils. The 13 Staff members were all from the old Springs West School which had closed down in 1958. Mr Carter Abbott
was at the helm and Mr M van N. Kuyper was his Vice-Principal.

The grounds and playing fields were covered with long, veld grass initially, but these were gradually ploughed and grass was planted.

The Selcourt Primary School badge was modelled on the Springs town coat of arms, the top half showing the black
(coal) band, the three rippled (water) circles on a background of gold (the mineral that characterized
Springs). The bottom half comprises an open “book of knowledge” on a green background. The colour of the
school blazer was green.

At the end of April the balance of the PTA funds stood at the sum of £13,9.1d. The first fete was held on 30 October 1959 and raised approximately £700. This was to be used to purchase hall
curtains and improve the school grounds.

In 1960, the building of tennis courts was proposed at the cost of £260. On 19 June of that year, Selcourt Primary School won the first Inter-
School Athletics as well as ten floating trophies! Mr Abbott’s private reflection: “One wonders, if it is sound that one school be able to annex
quite so many of the total number of available trophies.”

In October, two concrete cricket practice pitches were completed and excavations were made for a cricket pitch, just off the rugby field.

During the years 1962 to 1964 the following took place: It was decided to divide the school into four houses: Impala, Kudu, Oribi and Sable. The name of the school (in gold letters) was
erected at the front entrance. Garden benches were delivered to the school for the playground.

In September 1963, the first Inter-House Athletics took place. Mr Abbott retired at the end of 1964. In 1965, Mr Abbott was asked to return, until a new Headmaster was appointed as Mr M van N. Kuyper had been transferred to take up a post of Principal at Nigel Primary School. On 3 July 1965, Mr Harold Ward assumed duty as Principal. At this stage, the enrolment was 492 pupils and 16 teachers.

In 1965, it was announced that the school hall would be named after Mr Abbott.

Soccer was introduced in place of rugby at Selcourt Primary in August 1965 by Mr Ward. In 1966, building operations commenced with the intention of extending the library and adding two new grade classrooms to the existing block. A further three classrooms would be completed in the main block. Seven grandstands were bought costing a total of R200!

In 1969, Selcourt Primary took delivery of a Commer bus. Work began on the new sportsfield in May. In August 1970, a “Big Walk” was held to raise money for the swimming pool. This fundraiser brought in over R4000. In September 1970, the school tractor arrived and the second cricket pitch was completed. Cricket nets and a tennis practice wall were under construction.

In August 1971, the kiosk on the sports grounds was completed and three temporary classrooms were constructed alongside the tennis courts and cricket nets.

In 1973 differentiated education (subject teaching) was implemented in order to bring the school in line with modern requirements and modern thinking. The building of the swimming pool commenced in September: this was the biggest project undertaken by the school to date. It was completed in 1974.

In December 1982, Mr Ward retired. Mr Holland took over as Principal in January 1983. A Computer Centre with twelve Apple 2e computers was up and running by July 1984. In 1987, new girls’ dresses were introduced as uniform. Carports were erected for the Staff in 1988 In 1992, Selcourt Primary became a multi-racial, Model C School. Mr Holland retired at the end of 1993.

Mrs Pothas assumed duties as Principal in 1994. The science laboratory was refurbished, providing up to date equipment. Foundation Phase playground equipment was improved. New allweather netball/tennis courts and the new Tuckshop were built. Mrs Pothas had immense passion for athletics and Operettas. Mrs Pothas retired at the end of 2001.

Mrs Smit started her teaching career at Selcourt Primary in 1977. She became HOD of Guidance and Counselling
in 1991. She was then appointed at Acting Principal in January 2002 and later that April she was appointed as
Principal. Since her appointment the school has gone from strength to strength. Continuous maintenance and
upgrading of our buildings as well as her passion for gardening puts our school in a league of its own.
The following improvements have been made since her appointment:
• Installation of E-Beams in all Grade 5 to Grade 7 classrooms. The aim is to install these E-Beams in all classrooms.
• Upgrading of Tuck-Shop equipment
• Purchase of new hall curtains
• Upgrading of Jungle gym and surrounding area for Foundation Phase
• Resurfacing of Netball/Tennis courts and new fences around the courts.
• Security equipment has been upgraded which includes CCTV camera’s in all classrooms and areas in and around the school premises.
There are so many to mention but the list above is a few of the latest improvements made.

Introduction of :
• Prefect Induction and Leadership Development Camp
• Grade 6 Leadership Identification Camp
• In-service teacher training – Curriculum Development
• Welcoming guest speakers in to keep abreast with Community problems.

Mrs Smit retired at the end of April 2016.
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